The Uninvisibles

…the show you can’t not see!

The what now? The Uninvisibles! A group of eight writer/performers doing a sketch show in Edinburgh this year, innit. (And man, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to come up with a name for a group when there’s eight of you. It’s like getting a crate of kittens to, well, come up with a not-rubbish name for a sketch group. The kittens chose well, I think.)

The Uninvisibles are: Gary Skipper, Phil Tipper, Chris Stanners, Graham Lee, Hayley Ellis, Kathy Eastham, Kahn Johnson and me. All are lovely too, kind, generous and funny and with good skin care routines. All of us are writing and performing, and working out dance routines and sewing our own costumes.

We’ve been rehearsing fairly regularly, in a cold room above a pub in Leeds, and I’m pretty excited by the whole thing. The writing is sharp and varied, and it’s always amazing to see stuff you’ve written take life in front of you. And the pub does brilliant chips.

There’s a real sense of ambition, not career-ambition but ambition as to what a live sketch show can be. Funny, hopefully. But also varied. A comedy concerto as Mr Tipper put it, which sounds like it should mean something, doesn’t it? Something good. So that’s what we’re going to try and do. Something good.

The Uninvisibles: trying to do something good. Hmm… we might not put that on the poster…

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