1829: The first London policeman is created by putting a hefty, violent man, some shiny buttons, a hat and a big stick into a vat and stirring until angry. PC No. 1 was just the first of many furious, vat-grown law enforcers who would police the streets of London. Nicknamed 'the peelers', because that's what they would often do to the people they caught, the police had a very easy job until 1848, when the first criminal was created in a different vat and successfully introduced into the capital.

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3 thoughts on “Historicals

  1. Inaccurate – they were named ‘peelers’ because they were created by Sir Robert Peeler. The stick they carried was nick-named the crusher because of what they did with it.

  2. Term: “d’yeknow” (linguistic changes and pronunciation meant by late 20th Century the term ‘jenna’ fell into more popular use) – indicative of a person, usually a pedant, that would correct people without actually understanding them in the first place.

    Poss. origin “D’ye know, I think you’ll find that you’re statement is inaccurate…”
    Alt. origin “D’ye know, that pedant know’s nothing about humour”

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