The Pale Blue Dot

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Ah, sometimes it’s good to be reminded that we all live on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam, don’t you think?

There is more poetry and inspiration in the science of Carl Sagan than there is in any religious text I have read or heard. There is music in his words. But this time, no autotune! Thank you Jesus.

One thought on “The Pale Blue Dot

  1. I am sending you this letter to turn you on to something very important to me that I believe will greatly interest you and the readers of your blog.

    I found your site while searching for fans of Carl Sagan. I am involved in the production of a 3.5hr+ video podcast with Ann Druyan (widow/collaborator of Carl Sagan) and considering you are obviously a fan of Sagan – I felt I should write you.

    It’s live – but not yet “officially launched” – as a “prime podcast” – “At Home in the Cosmos with Annie Druyan.”

    I believe it is a very big deal on two levels:

    1. It is an astronomy buff’s delight guaranteed to thrill fans of the late great Carl Sagan — as it contains more than three and a half hours of original video material with his widow and collaborator, Ann Druyan, that we shot this past summer at the home they shared in Ithaca, New York. It gives the viewer the feeling that they are visiting her one-on-one and hearing her most personal stories and seeing the Sagans’ most fascinating intellectual treasures. Actually it is MORE than a feeling… this production does EXACTLY that!! And…

    2. It is a breakthrough and giant leap forward in talk media programming and marketing. This production elevates the concept of the “podcast” to institutional media status — like a movie, book or stage play. It is the exact opposite of the “broadcast” model. It is the “microcast” model which endeavors to super-serve the super-interested. I believe we will be seeing many more examples of this new genre in the coming years as it offers a whole new vehicle of expression, information-sharing and revenue-generating for the truly creative members of the creative arts world.

    We are about to launch a national promotional campaign for this — however, because of my respect for the blogosphere and the quality of your blog specifically – I am writing you in hopes you will check it out and maybe write about it on your website.

    Here’s what I am requesting – please visit, click on the big graphic for “At Home in the Cosmos with Annie Druyan” and see the entire page presentation. There is a short 2 minute trailer on the site. But on youtube – – there’s a 9 and a half minute trailer that explains the package further.

    Please let me know what you think!



    Matthew Harrison

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