Fact File #2: Ducks

DuckDucks are genetically programmed to mate for life, but it doesn’t hurt to bring them chocolates or flowers every once in a while to keep the romance alive.

When duck cousins marry, their ducklings are born without webbed feet.

While most ducks make a quacking sound, Wood Ducks actually speak in a Geordie dialect which naturally makes them much harder to understand. This is not to be taken as a sign of intelligence.

When ducks cry nobody bothers to write a song about it.

If your duck is dirty, check the label as many species are dry-clean only.

A duck feels no pain, has no emotions, and will stop at nothing to accomplish its mission.

Daffy Duck could totally kick Donald Duck’s ass. Seriously. It wouldn’t even be a competition, It would be all like BOOM! and Donald’s down, man. Seriously.

The largest duck ever recorded was smaller than you’d think.

Ducks are not born crispy or aromatic, but some ducks develop these genetically scrumptious traits in later life.

Ducks generally appear friendly and approachable, but they will often talk smack about you when you’re not around so be warned.

More facts next time, fact fans!

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