The Story of Grass

Gus Hughes and I have found a publisher for our upcoming ‘zine, The Story of GrassAloha ‘Ino Press. We like them because they have nice shoes and because they don’t actually exist in any meaningful way.

The zine itself is progressing quite quickly. Just had a googlechat with Gus (he’s based in Dublin so we’re doing everything remotely) about what we still need to do. Best part of the conversation:

today im facing having to draw a woman nailed to a cross behind a desk giving directions james

There’s a man happy in his work. I don’t know when it will be finished; Gus is a very busy man, and I’m very lazy, but every day Gus sends new pages and i’m just blown away by how they are looking.

Need to look into how to sell the thing, I suppose. Anyone out there had any experience flogging a zine?

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