Mustard magazine

issue01Mustard is a darned cool little humour magazine, full of funny articles and comic strips and excellent interviews with the likes of Michael Palin, Alan Moore, and Peep Show writers Bain & Armstrong. I got a couple of cartoons* in issue one, and I got quite giddy – it was for sale in Borders and everything. Oh, there’s a big Graham Linehan interview in there too and lots of other funny stuff but for me it’s mostly about my two little cartoons. They really tie the magazine together. Anyway, you can now read that legendary first issue online here. For freesies!

Mustard is something of a labour of love for creator and publisher Alex Musson, so if you like what you see, why not tell a friend, or get in touch with Alex. The more people buy the mag, the sooner he’ll be able to print issue 5.

As an addendum, some Mustard content will be given away with Alan Moore’s interesting-looking new project, Dodgem Logic. The massive hairy magician seems to be trying to recapture the glory days of the fanzine, and good luck to him, I say. And not just cos he might send the snake god Glycon to devour my soul or bite my bum or something.

*one of them was drawn by Michaelangelo. It turned out quite well.

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