Friday’s (Really) Short Story

storytellerWe died. Then things got interesting.

(note: yeah, that’s really it. Inspired by Wired Magazine‘s 6 word sci-fi story challenge. And Thursday night laziness.)

A1 super-special bonus tiny sci-fi tales:

When worlds collide, alien continents kiss.

Jesus returned, forgot why, left again.

Theory my story chaos affected short.

Richard Dawkins awoke in heaven. “Oopsie.”

The aliens were impressed: Ferrero Rocher!

It’s fun! Why not try it yourself – write me one in the comments section…

Six Word Sci Fi
by Harris
more tiny tales

5 thoughts on “Friday’s (Really) Short Story

  1. 2165AD recession: International Rescue submit invoices.

    Aliens vs Predator: late kick off.

    Asteroid misses. Humans exhale, tilt axis.

    Creature from Black Lagoon dredges pond.

    Hiding police phone boxes, Brigadier laughs.

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