Friday’s Short Story

storyteller– Oh will you look at… They’re bloody doing it again!

Who are dear?

– Them bloody kids, who do you think? They’re out there again.

Can’t you just ignore them, dear?

– Oh they’d like that, wouldn’t they?

I really don’t know dear, would they?

What? I’m telling you. It’s getting beyond a joke. The spitting and swearing, well, kids will be kids, won’t they? And the drinking, who didn’t at their age? And the knives and the ketamine and the crumping. All part of growing up. But this is beyond the bloody pale. Beyond. The. Bloody. Pale. I mean, look at them.

What are they doing dear?

– They’re floating, that’s what they’re doing. Floating there by the bus stop like… like big… look at me! I’m stuck for a simile, that’s how bloody angry I am!

Calm down dear.

– You calm down.

I am calm, dear.

– Well fine. Stay that way. I just don’t know how you can be with those bloody teenagers bobbing up and down in the breeze like… like… God damn it I’m angry! Floating kids. What next?

I wouldn’t know, dear.

– I’ve got a good mind to go out there and glue their feet to the floor. There, try floating now you buggers. If I were ten years younger I would have, just see if I wouldn’t.

They’re not hurting anybody, are they?

– Not hurting? Not..? What’s that got to do with… they are blatantly breaking the laws of bloody physics out there, right in front of my bloody house, and I don’t see why I should have to sit here and watch them drifting through the, the area like… like bloody… God damn it!

Dear? Dear, are you ok?


Dear, are you crying?

– I wish I was young. I want to be young. I wish I was young.

Them Bloody Kids
by Harris
more tiny tales

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