About Friday’s Short Stories

My three regular readers will have noticed that I am trying to write a story a week (if you’d like to read them all, just click “tiny tales” in the categories menu to the right there). I started doing it to try and encourage myself to regularly write something creative, even if it’s only short. And whatever I write on Thursday night, that’s what I’ll post. Which means quality will vary somewhat. It also means tone will probably vary according to my mood, as I’m not giving myself time to edit or rewrite.

It’s instant storytelling, disposable fiction. It’s laziness, basically.

So some of them might be ok, some might not. Some are funny, some really aren’t. Some of them are coherent, readable etc…

You can’t hit a coconut every time, is what I’m saying. Please do feel free to add comments though, whether you enjoy them or don’t. Give me kudos or a kicking. I’d love to hear from you. Constructive criticism will be gladly welcomed – I’m new to this short story lark.

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