If I Didn’t Have You

I met Tim Minchin once, at a party in Edinburgh. He was very nice, especially considering my drunken opening gambit was “I usually hate comedy songs, but…”

Anyway, I usually hate comedy songs, but Minchin’s stuff is funny and clever and thoughtful and musically ambitious and funny, and seems to come from a good place. As ever, there’s more to find on YouTube.

I saw him play If I Didn’t Have You live last year. And I loved it, cos at its heart… it’s true. Lasting love is about choice, not necessity. About knowing that you and this person complement and delight each other in this way, and it’s wonderful and it’s all you want. Other possible connections are always available, but you simply don’t want to know about them.

Isn’t that love? Or at least a big part of it? I think so, and it’s all the sweeter for it.

Hehe, that’s a lot of waffle about what is, after all, just a funny song, innit?

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