The Works – live sketch show booking now.


The Works: I got a sketch in this, I did. Wee!

The Works is a team-written sketch show that combines the crème of established comic writers and exciting new talent. It’s a unique venture giving comedy writers the chance to show off their very best work live on stage.

Performed by David Armand, Mathew Baynton, Isabel Fay, Katherine Jakeways, Nick Mohammed, Renton Skinner, Isy Suttie and Rosalyn Wright.

Directed by Justin Edwards

Written by Stuart Beale, Blakewill & Harris, Burge & Way, Carter & Cooke, Crockatt & Scott, John Foster, Ben Green, Ali Griggs, James Harris (I’d make it flash if I could), Harrison Banks, Lee Henman, Scott Kingsnorth, Giselle Melanson, Jonathon Morris, Dale Shaw, Siddons & White, Rob Smith, Tim Smith, Vincent & Allen and Catie Wilkins.

Tickets available here: Ticketweb (£8/£7 in advance, £10 on the door)

7 thoughts on “The Works – live sketch show booking now.

  1. Going all right, but I don’t think I’m actually in the show anymore, which is a huge shame (not just for me but for humanity in general.) My sketches were cut for time. Got a few sketches on some upcoming Radio 4 shows so my comedy-writer-ego is intact (for now). Nice to see my name up their amongst the comedy writing elites.

    Oh, and like you animations. I really need to get back into animating.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been bracing myself for my sketches being cut, but so far so good. I’m on a 3rd rewrite, although it’s always possible they’re playing a long, cruel game with me. It’s what I’d do…

    Which Radio 4 shows are you writing for?

    Ta about the animations. I keep meaning to do more but I’ve been afflicted with chronic laziness for some time now. Do you have any stuff online?

  3. Well done for making it to the 3rd rewrite.

    Finished writing for the Radio 4 shows now. I don’t want to say what they are, partly in case I get cut at the last moment and have to retract any I’ve-written-for-thats.

    And, er, here’s one of my animations:

    Not saying it’s any good or anything. Really it’s me getting back into drawing, animating, doing voices, etc. The animation’s much jerkier on youtube than it is on my computer (will have to fix that). Come to think of it you might have seen this animation already on 4mations or BCG.

    I’m doing another animation right now. Will look, sound, be a lot better. And a comedy idol of mine is script editing it. Hurrah!

  4. Ha, they are funny! I didn’t realise you were Mr Wingnut – I recognise the name from BSG.

    Good luck with the Radio 4 thing. I hardly dare tell people about stuff I’m doing til about two years after it’s actually happened.

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