Alan Moore Splits with Self

75604-42606-alan-moore_largeThe brain of celebrated British comic author Alan Moore has announced that it no longer wishes to be associated with Alan Moore’s body.

“The very label of “Alan Moore’s brain” is, frankly, nonsensical and insulting. I wish henceforth to be known as ‘Nebulorr, virile and vengeful devourer of universes'”, the brain said in a statement released this weekend, continuing: “Or, no, actually I’ve always liked ‘Cyril’. I wish to be known as Cyril and worshipped as a deity and given virgins and lollipops every Thursday evening and I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. Any and all monies generated by the work I have produced in the past can go to Alan Moore’s typing fingers.”

Alan Moore’s body refused to comment beyond flicking two ornately-ringed fingers at its own head, where it is believed the portion of Alan Moore’s brain that intersects with our four-dimensional universe resides.

Alan Moore’s beard successfully separated from the acclaimed author last year, and currently writes The Gambols for the Daily Express.

3 thoughts on “Alan Moore Splits with Self

  1. Meaning James, specifically. I love your spacesuit. Always hard to find a good one that works at yesterdays prices.

    As for Mr. Moore, I have never read a single one of his comics, but Frank Miller comics, of which I’ve read many, are extraordinary. I have, however, loved a few of the Alan Moore movie adaptations, but I don’t think he wants me to do that. He wears lots of rings and looks mentally ill. They’ve paid him millions. I think he might be a kook. Maybe dangerous. Frank Miller could downright be a hitman, and is astonishingly bright and very mentally sharp and alert.

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